In just a few hours today, I have seen two stories going around on Facebook that, at first glance, APPEAR to be a local news stories.

There is a photo and a short story.  FAKE!

But they are fake. However, they were created using real names and photos.
Jokes? Revenge? 

If you don’t recognize the source you are reading a website post on…for example the website you are currently reading…then you should click the sites 'about' page. It just may be a joke page or satire. And if it SEEMS to come from a reliable source but seems ‘out there’ make sure the website is really what it claims to be. Cloning a site is not that hard, so be vigilant.

Here is one of them for what claim to be from Channel 24 News.  IT is a total fake and it appears anyone can do it to you.  Scary.

When those get shared on Facebook they appear to be very real.  SO check the source!

I hate be so skeptical…but really…just because you see it on-line does not make it true.
I now assume most things are NOT true.

Just be careful.  Check the source.

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