It's no surprise that many Maine towns were absolutely battered with wind and rain for most of the day on Friday. And while what Maine experienced was nowhere close to the tragic devastation many Floridians did, the Pine Tree State still didn't make it out completely unscathed.

Left behind as the wind and rain moved out were downed power lines and trees, tens of thousands of homes in the dark and multiple sections of Maine roads washed away. And, is common after an event like this, pictures and videos of the aftermath began surfacing on the socials.

Pushaw Road
Pushaw Road

However one video really stuck out to us as it wasn't a video of after a road had washed away, it was a video of it AS it was washing away. Posted as a public Facebook post from Andy Ryder, he was unbelievably recording with his phone when the section of partially destroyed road he was standing next to completely let go under a surge of flood waters.

Below is video of the Pushaw Road in Glenburn Maine washing away. Be safe out there, folks!

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