This tot may not make to the majors, but he just may have what it takes to become a soccer star.

Prior to the Marlins-Reds game in Cincinnati on Sunday, little kids were invited onto the field and one used the opportunity to send a message to Miami speedster Dee Gordon by kicking him in the shin.

The boy in question is five-year-old Leo Schneider.

"It was all planned," said Leo's mom, Amy Danzo-Schneider. "He's not the type of kid who would go up and kick someone. Dee Gordon was motioning Leo to come to him. The umpire went with Leo, and Leo said the umpire told him to kick [Gordon]...We just laughed. Because we knew Leo would never do something like that on his own."

The kick couldn't hamper Gordon. He stole a base in the game, although the Reds prevailed, 6-3.

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