Got a craving for Orange Julius? Want to buy whatever it is they sell at Bath & Body works? Interested in blowing your monthly mortgage on a Mickey Mouse doll at the Disney store? Then the mall is for you.

In case you hadn't noticed, though, the mall as we know it faces a fate similar to that of the T.rex, bell bottoms and Blockbuster Video: extinction.

Amazon is leading a charge of online retailing outlets that have threatened traditional brick-and-mortar stores. We're not telling you anything you don't know, so malls are fighting back by offering new experiences for the consumer.

But has the damage already been done? The era of jumping in the car and heading to the mall to window shop for items you don't need at Brookstone and then avoiding the elderly power walkers while you scarf down an Auntie Aunt's pretzel appears to be over.

But maybe you're like the ill-fated T.rex and insist on being a dinosaur who does things  the old-fashioned way. Do you still frequent your local mall? Is there a reason to go? Does it remind you of a bygone time?

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