This is an extremely touchy subject with some.  But it clearly something, most of us, are faced with on a daily basis.  Should you give money to pandhandlers vs. local charities?  Are you supporting addictions, instead of genuinely helping someone who's in a bad place?  A Wyoming police department is sharing this message with EVERYONE...what do you think?

courtesy of Cheyenne Police Dept.

Yesterday, July 22, we arrested a transient for public intoxication. This is a person we frequently deal with, but we want to illustrate that there are better ways to help the transient population than to give them money for panhandling. This person collected $234.94 in just a few hours of asking for money. Rather than feeding someone's alcohol addiction, you can donate directly to local charities such as the Comea Shelter where your money will assist the homeless in a much more effective way.

I couldn't agree more with this...donate to a local charity.  Here are some to consider:
Bread ofLife Ministries Shelter in Augusta
Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter in Waterville
Homeless Veterans in Maine
Augusta Food Bank
Good Shepherd Food Bank
Waterville Food Bank
The Salvation Army


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