So if you are a Veteran and receive services at a VA medical facility but you have a  community care provider it might be in your own best interest to make sure both have access to your ALL our medical info. You CAN!  BUT to make it happen YOU have to take a few steps.  Here is the deal….

It is called the Veteran Health Information Exchange. When you as a Veteran opt into this program you are authorizing the sharing of the VA Medical data with community care provider that they see nationwide.

This way the Veteran no longer has to request, wait for and then carry medical info; it will just be sent electronically.

There is also the added benefit that if, let’s say, the Veteran end up in the emergency room a hospital…and if that provider participates in the program, the  medial staff and can view VA data such as labs, medications, previous tests, allergies, and progress notes.  That can make treatment easier and more effective.

By getting into this program the information on both sides will go both ways.

Connect your Docs! You can do this online, by mail, or in person and locally that would be at Togus, Release of Information Office and you would visit with my friend Scott Turgeon the Veteran Health Information Exchange (VHIE) Coordinator. His email is or if you need to call him 207-623-8411 ext. 2866

And don’t worry, if you opt in and you decided you want to opt out, you can!!

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