According to a press release from the Maine Department of Public Safety, three teenagers have been arrested in connection with a fatal fire at a Lewiston apartment building.

At about 4:45 PM, Lewiston police and firefighters responded to a fire at a Blake Street apartment building.

While most of the residents were able to escape, 70 year old Felicien Betu was trapped on the sixth floor.  While emergency rescue personnel were trying to reach him, he jumped from a window.  Sadly, he died as a result of his injuries.

Through the course of the investigation into the fire, it was determined the fire had been deliberately set.  Evidence pointed to a trio of teenagers, two 13 year olds and a 14 year old, being responsible for the fire.  On Monday, the three alleged arsonists were arrested.

The press release says, in part:

Due to the nature of the fire, the Lewiston Fire Department contacted the Fire Marshals’ office.  A team of investigators responded to Lewiston and began conducting an investigation in an attempt to determine the cause of the fire. The investigation determined that the fire was Arson. Monday afternoon, September 13, 2001, three juveniles were taken into custody, two 13 year old’s and one 14 year old.  They were transported to the Long Creek Correctional Facility.

The investigation into the fire continues.

The Fire Marshal’s office was assisted during the investigation by the Lewiston Fire Department, the Lewiston Police Department, the Androscoggin County DA’s office and the Maine Department of Corrections.

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