Given how heavily forested the State of Maine is, it should not be a big surprise that there are hundreds of things hidden just off the road.  Locomotives, the wreckage of airplanes, and abandoned buildings.

Until November of 2020, the town of Sullivan was home to one of these abandoned buildings.  Just off the beaten path, obscured by the woods, was the abandoned Manor Inn.

According to the town's website, the Sullivan Harbor Land Company built the Swiss Chalet Restaurant in 1887 and 1888.  Their hope had been to attract summer visitors from Bar Harbor.  It quickly became clear that those visitors making the trip for dinner might also need a place to stay.  Because of that, they built the Manor Inn in 1889.  For decades, it offered summer visitors amazing meals and lodging.

Sadly, the building was abandoned in the 1990s.  Over the next few decades it began to rot.  According to WDEA, the rotting building had become a liability for the Town of Sullivan, it was demolished in November of 2020.  Keep scrolling down for video of the demolition.

In the years leading up to the demolition, several groups of urban explorers visited the inn and restaurant.  They took videos during their visits.  The following pictures are from those videos.

We Do Not Condone Trespassing Or Breaking & Entering - If you plan to explore abandoned properties, please get permission from the owners.  Not only could you be breaking the law by entering a building without permission, it can also be dangerous!

Take A Look Inside An Abandoned Seaside Maine Inn

For over a century, an imposing manor stood overlooking Frenchman's Bay in Sullivan. For many years, it was used as an inn. Abandoned for 25 years, it was torn down in November of 2020. However, we can still see what the place was like just before it was demolished. These images come from Youtube videos posted by Tony's Travels and Adventuring With Trevor.

Here's the video of the demolition:

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