Everyone has their own opinion of what makes the "perfect home".  For some, it is a downtown apartment (so they can be walking distance to everything), some people want a decent sized house in a nice neighborhood, and some people really love the Maine outdoors and want live somewhere a little off the beaten path.

If that last one describes you, but you still want to be close to town, this could be the perfect home for you.

This beautiful Weeks Mills Road home would be perfect for someone who really loves the outdoors.  Built in 1985, it is pretty sizable - 4,600 square feet.  It has at least three bedrooms.  However, there are several other rooms that could be used as bedrooms.  You probably noticed the large windows and skylights in the front of the home.  Well, those windows are in the entryway / sunroom.  In addition to the sunroom, there is a living room with a stone fireplace, a dining room, and an office space.  The kitchen, which reportedly has granite counter tops, is unique.  With the exception of fridge and oven, it appears that everything is in the island - the gas range, the dishwasher, drawers, and more.

There is also a heated garage and wood shed.

It also comes with 4 acres of land.  While it does not have direct access, it is located very close to Togus Pond.

And, if you need to be close to Augusta, it is about a ten minute drive from downtown.  Additionally, it is only about 30 minutes from the coast.

1277 Weeks Mills Road, Augusta

This gorgeous 3 to 5 bedroom home (yes, there are options) sits on 4 acres on the outskirts of Augusta, Maine. As of September 2021, the home is listed at just under $500,000. Get more details HERE

If you're interested, the current (as of September 2021) list price is $499,000.  Assuming you were able to put $100,000 down, your monthly payment would be just over $2,200.  That monthly payment includes everything, though.  Mortgage, taxes, and insurance.

Get more details on Realtor.com

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