According to CNN, the state of Vermont is offering a serious incentive to people to relocate.  The Green Mountain State is offering eligible people $10,000!

According to the US Census Bureau, people are leaving rural communities like crazy.  This incentive is Vermont's attempt to correct that problem.

What do you have to do to qualify?   To be eligible, new transplants must have a full-time job located out of state and must be eligible to work primarily from home or co-working in Vermont.  So, it's perfect for telecommuters and (depending on the specific employment situation) free-lancers.

The cash could run out quickly, though.  Limited funds will be dispersed on a first come first serve basis, not to exceed $125,000 during the 2019 year. Although the total grant will increase to $250,000 during 2020 year, it will decline back to its initial payout for 2021.

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