If you are looking for a good spot to stop at to fill up your munchie craving, you have to try Mow's Munchies. 

According to their Facebook page, 

Mow's Munchies is a mobile food trailer that provides fresh, made to order food for not only humans..

Kate Dargie is part owner with her business partner Leanne and they started serving in May of 2022. They started the truck because life is short and you’re never promised tomorrow. Kate told me that if something brings you joy and feeds your soul it’s worth going after it!

The menu is unlike anything I have ever seen and I love discovering very special people who provide excited yummies for Mainers.

Some of the dishes they serve are loaded hand cut French fries, "Fry Flights", and "Smash Burgers."

They have onion crunch burgers, buffalo chicken fries, and donut fries. My mouth is watering already. What a unique take on munchies to feed the soul!

Katie Darg via Mow's Munchies
Katie Darg via Mow's Munchies, Onion Crunch Burger
Katie Darg via Mow's Munchies
Katie Darg via Mow's Munchies, Donut Fries
Mow's Munchies, Buffalo Chicken Fries
Mow's Munchies, Buffalo Chicken Fries

Kate told me,

 People often are unsure about what a smash burger is, but once they try it they realize it’s not your run of the mill burger. By hand rolling each burger ball and then smashing it on a hot griddle it allows it to have more contact with the hot surface and gives the outside a nice crust because the fat has nowhere else to go but back into the burger.

Mow's Munchies also know how important your animals are to you. They have a dog named Mowgli and that's where the name came from. So they also offer frozen ice creams and bones for dogs at each event they hold.

Another great highlight is that they purchase as much food locally as they can. They go to places like Green Thumb Farms in Fryeburg and Blackies Farm in Auburn.

In addition to feeding you and your animals as well as staying green, they try hard to focus on community and giving back as much as possible.

Our first event we ever did was with the United Way and we donate to backpack programs within the community. We are always open to assisting with fundraisers and do our best to support those that are always supporting us!

Kate Dargie, Mow's Munchies

If you are interested in visiting these incredible people and trying their food, they post their schedule on Facebook monthly and weekly. They also do wedding after parties, community events, fundraisers, birthday parties, concerts, and farmers markets!

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