When I was younger, I didn't like onion rings even before I tried them, because I didn't like onion. Then as I grew into adulthood and my taste buds broadened, I finally tried them. I was addicted.

You can pretty much fry anything these days, but onion rings are a traditional favorite in Maine.

We have so many yummy places to get your onion ring nom-nom on! I would like to challenge you all to try this list, and let me know which spot is your favorite!

Have you ever thought about where onion rings came from? You're in luck, because I did some serious digging and found that the man behind this delicious side is named John Mollard.

According to Days of The Year, it took every one else in the world over a century to understand and appreciate the vision behind the creation of this perfect snack.

Just like onion rings, which serve as a source of culinary inspo, the 1802 recipe crafted by Mr. Mollard showcases his genius. Mollard's recipe pushed the boundaries and stands ahead of its time.

The most simple idea can be the best idea!

So without further ado, please check out 20 spots in Maine to get the yummiest onion rings!

Top 20 Spots To Get Yummy Onion Rings in Central Maine & Beyond

Check out the top 20 spots in Maine to grab yummy onion rings!

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