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An Augusta man is being sued by the owner of Favorites OTB in Waterville. According to WABI he is accused of stealing almost $700,000. no criminal charges have been filed against the man.

From the Associated Press:

GasBuddy says Maine prices are averaging $2.42 per gallon. The national average has also been falling over the last month. It's 16.2 cents per gallon less than last month, but also 22.3 cents per gallon higher than a year ago.

Maine investigators say a doughnut machine ended up being the cause of a Monday morning fire in Lewiston. WGME-TV reports the LePage Bakery caught fire just after 3 a.m. Monday. Firefighters say a witness reported the fire after seeing flames on the roof of the building. About 40 employees were inside the building at the time of the fire, but all escaped with no injuries. Investigators say the accidental fire started in the basement in a doughnut machine, and caused extensive damage to an employee break room. Officials say food was damaged from smoke and water used to douse the fire, and most of it will have to be thrown away.

Maine Republican Gov. Paul LePage rejected federal funding for training for unemployed workers, contrary to his administration's denials. The Bangor Daily News reports that LePage wrote that he "will not participate" in a wasteful program and said his letter serves "to notify you that Maine is no longer participating."

Maine Republican Gov. Paul LePage says the media fanned the flames in a flap with sheriffs over his directive they should hold immigrants without warrants and is calling news organizations "the most horrible organizations on the earth." The outburst came Monday after LePage summoned all 16 sheriffs to a closed-door meeting. York and Cumberland county's sheriffs say they won't comply with federal immigration requests to temporarily hold inmates scheduled for release because it's unconstitutional.

A lawmaker wants to fix a new voter-approved voting method that Maine's highest court ruled unconstitutional for some elections. The Legislature's veterans and legal affairs committee on Monday will consider Rep. Kent Ackley's bill to bring ranked-choice voting into compliance with the Maine Constitution. Ackley's bill would only allow ranked-choice voting for elections for president and Congress, along with state primaries for all offices. Some lawmakers have called such a move confusing.

Maine fishermen could soon learn how many pounds of baby eels they'll be able to catch next year for the worldwide sushi market. An arm of the interstate Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission is likely to vote on Tuesday about the quota for baby eels, or elvers, in 2018. Fishermen in Maine catch the elvers to sell to Asian aquaculture companies who raise them to maturity for use as food.

The White House is condemning the truck bombing in Somalia that left more than 300 people dead and hundreds more injured. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders says the U.S. "strongly condemns the senseless mass murder that targeted innocent men, women, and children in Mogadishu, Somalia" Saturday. The attack targeted a busy, commercial area of the capital. Somalia's government has blamed the al-Shabab extremist group.

The ultra-extremist Islamic State group has been responsible for some of the worst atrocities perpetrated against civilians in recent history. Now the militant group, which brutalized residents living under its command for more than three years, is on the verge of collapse. IS militants are battling to hang on to remaining pockets of territory in Iraq and Syria, besieged by local forces from all sides.

Iraqi forces have pushed their Kurdish allies out of the disputed northern city of Kirkuk and seized oil fields and other facilities. Tensions are running high after last month's Kurdish vote for independence. Kurdish officials accuse the Iraqi army of carrying out a major attack. But Iraqi commanders say they encountered little resistance. The U.S. has called for negotiations.

Critics are slamming President Donald Trump for his claim that his predecessors "didn't make calls" to the families of the nation's fallen. A former aide to President Barack Obama calls Trump's statement "deranged." A spokesman for former President George W. Bush says he called or met "hundreds, if not thousands" of family members of the war dead.

More people displaced by Northern California wildfires have been told they can go home. The Sonoma County Sheriff's Office said Monday night that evacuation orders have been lifted for two neighborhoods in Santa Rosa, a city of 175,000 people. Many harder hit neighborhoods in the city remain under evacuation orders. Residents of the wine-country towns of Geyserville and Healdsburg have also been told they can go home.

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