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Tomorrow, the Railroad Square Cinema will join 190 others in showing '1984'.  According to WGME this is a collective protest against the Trump presidency.

A Burnham woman died shortly after calling police about an intruder. reports her family arrived before police and they put her in a car outside, where she passed away. Police did question the person found in the home and a autopsy is being done on the woman.

Northern New England is looking for a little bit more snow on the way Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday morning. The mountains are expecting more snow than central Maine.   Zone forecast from

From the Associated Press:

The Super Bowl trophy's run-in with a deer was nearly as improbable as the New England Patriots' come-from-behind win over the Atlanta Falcons. But it happened Friday night in Maine when a Patriots employee who had the Vince Lombardi Trophy in his vehicle struck a deer in Fairfield. Team spokesman Stacey James on Saturday confirmed the accident. James said the employee was unhurt and the trophy was unscathed.

Republican Gov. Paul LePage has vetoed legislation that supporters say would help provide sufficient ID for veterans to access health care at a time when the federal government says a Maine driver's license doesn't pass muster. The bill, sponsored by Democratic Rep. Jared Golden, would allocate $15,000 to supply U.S. passport cards to veterans seeking health care who lack the required photo identification and who can demonstrate "significant financial hardship."

Maine lawmakers are looking to get the federal government involved in anticipated troubles competing with Canada's lobster exports to Europe. Canada is nearing finalization of a deal with the European Union that would get rid of tariffs on Canadian lobster. That would put Canada at a huge advantage over the United States in sending valuable seafood products overseas.

A Republican legislator wants to make it a hate crime to single out and attack a police officer. Republican Rep. Karleton Ward's bill would address those who commit crimes against a person because of that person's status as a law enforcement officer, firefighter or emergency medical care provider.

The Republican leader of the Maine Senate is calling on his GOP colleagues in the House of Representatives and with the state party to stop making personal attacks against Democrats. Maine Senate President Mike Thibodeau says he has been discouraged and frustrated by the series of attacks, including a recent petition drive by the Maine Republican Party that likens the Legislature to a swamp.

Ruling party candidate Lenin Moreno looked headed to victory Ecuador's presidential runoff but his rival refused to recognize the results, claiming he was the victim of fraud in what could set the stage for protests in the historically turbulent nation. The election in the tiny Andean nation of 16 million was being watched closely for whether it marked a comeback for left-wing candidates after a string of right-wing took victories across in Latin America.

People are making increasingly desperate searches in the debris in a small city in southern Colombia after a devastating flood that seems to have struck particularly hard at children. Youngsters were likely in bed when the flood hit Mocoa, which might explain why they make up so many of the dead. The official toll was at 210 but likely to rise.

The fighting over Supreme Court nominees is as old as the country. This year, Senate Democrats and Republicans are preparing for a showdown over Neil Gorsuch's nomination. But ever since the country was founded, some court nominees have seen their ambitions derailed by partisan squabbling.

A senior Trump administration official says Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, has accompanied Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford to Iraq. The official, who wasn't allowed to speak about confidential meetings by name, says Kushner wants to see the situation in Iraq for himself and show support for the Baghdad government.

A woman and her daughter are dead after a tornado hit the Louisiana community of Breaux Bridge, flipping the family's mobile home. The National Weather Service says Sunday's twister had peak winds of 110 mph and traveled for nearly a mile on the ground. The storm also damaged homes and buildings and knocked down power lines in Alexandria, Louisiana, which is about 100 miles north of Breaux Bridge.

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