Sadly, the economic downturn brought on by the global pandemic forced the closure of thousands of businesses across the country.  In Maine alone, hundreds of small and medium businesses closed their doors.

While the types of businesses that closed do vary greatly, it does appear that service and hospitality businesses were the hardest hit.  Not a big surprise, considering most of the COVID-19 related restrictions were aimed at businesses where people would gather in sizable crowds inside.

Some of those businesses pivoted to new business models (focusing on take-out, for example).  Sometimes this worked, sometimes it did not.

Because of this, many of the businesses on the below list are restaurants, bars, and other service industry businesses.

It is important to note that, just because the businesses closed during the pandemic, it does not mean they closed because of the pandemic.  Some of the businesses that have closed in the last eighteen months were already on their way out.  And, in some cases, the owners had been wanting to retire or move on to a different business, and the pandemic seemed like a good time to make that move.

10 Central Maine Business That Permanently Closed During The Pandemic

Unfortunately, the economic downturn brought on by the pandemic forced many businesses across the country to close their doors permanently. We've put together a list of Central Maine businesses that closed during the height of the pandemic (between the spring of 2020 and summer 2021). Please keep in mind that not all of these businesses closed specifically due to the pandemic.

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Maine Bars & Restaurants W/ Patios & Decks

Who doesn't love enjoying a beer and a burger on a patio (or deck) on a warm summer night? Clearly, as we are still dealing with the pandemic, you may want to reach out to each of these establishments to make sure they have not made any temporary COVID-related changes to their business.

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