Coming from a very small town in Northern Maine, I understand how important fast food restaurants are to those communities.  They provide quick (and affordable) meals, a place for people to socialize (how often have you seen groups of older people getting together to enjoy breakfast at McDs), and they provide entry-level jobs for teens (and people who want to make some extra cash).

Because of this, I completely understand the concerns of the people of the Aroostook County town of Madawaska.

According to the Bangor Daily News, town officials have created a video pleading with the McDonald's corporate office to rebuild the to town's McDonald's location.

The town's current McDonald's will soon be torn down to provide space for the new United States / Canada port of entry.

Former Madawaska select board member Brian Thibeault helped spearhead the video project.  So far, it has had over 4,500 views.

Check it out:

Madawaska high school teacher Colin Jandreau said:

The gain of the new infrastructure is highly important for the town; however, the after effect of losing the store is significant for a smaller community.  I also liked message about rethinking the value of small towns and how maybe they can continue to be vibrant places to live, certainly if the corporate world is willing to rethink how they make decisions about rural America.

The restaurant has stayed open during the entire construction process and no closing date has been set for the restaurant's closure.  So far, the McDonald's Corporation has not commented on the video.  It has been known since 2019 that the current McDonald's location would be torn down to make room for the new port of entry.  There have been talks with potential franchisees, but those have not gotten far.

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