Laura Benedict, the owner of The Red Barn, has been giving back to the community for as long as I can remember.  She and her amazing staff have the most genuine hearts, and they live to give back to their communities. From fundraising for local sports clubs to helping families who lost love ones, Laura never stops short of amazing.

Now that we have talked about how generous and kind-hearted Laura and her team are let's talk about the food. Who doesn't love to eat? Am I right? Well, if you haven't had a chance to try food from The Red Barn, I gotta tell you you're missing out. My personal favorite is the chicken that is served up in pints, quarts, snacks, baskets, and even a meal big enough to feed your whole family. That's not all they serve up, though; we're talking, seafood baskets and sandwiches, fried veggies, and then there's Lauras Famous Seafood Stew. Whatever you decided to order is guaranteed to be delightful.

Unfortunately, many restaurants and small businesses have had to make the tough decision to close for a limited amount of time, and many have completely gone out of business. Laura has done everything in her power to stay open, all while following CDC recommended guidelines. With covid numbers on the rise, Laura made the tough decision to close her doors for a little while, at least. Her biggest concern is keeping her patrons safe, and that's what made her come to the ultimate decision.

According to The Red Barn Facebook page, Starting November 22nd The Red Barn will close and stay closed until some time in early 2021. So, if you love The Red Barn as I do, visit Laura and the amazing staff for a yummy dinner and to show your support.

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