Social networking has been around since basically the dawn of time. Every time you're social it is a form of networking with that person or that group of people. Social media has definitely changed the game though in the past decade. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, they're all ways to connect in new and exciting ways. Nowadays if your business doesn't have an app or a social media account, you're pretty much dead in the water. But is it a good or a bad thing? Has social media affected us positively or negatively as a culture? I say both!


We are more connected now, than ever before in the history of mankind. I can talk to a friend of mine in California, my friend in Florida, conduct business with a buddy in Pennsylvania, while simultaneously watching someone in Asia on Youtube.

Businesses can get the word out faster. One post about a sale a mom and pop shop have could boost their sales, a car dealership that sells 5 cars a month could sell 15 because they offered a special deal. Restaurants can host a special, bars can advertise etc. It's great for business.

Instant updates with news/weather etc. it's so easy to get information now. Every news outlet has social media allowing instant access to breaking stories.

Finally, social media is fun. it really is.


It doesn't feel like we have privacy anymore, I can't tell you how many times i've been talking to someone about something, and the next day there's an advertisement. I know a lot of people who literally share EVERYTHING about their life.

Cyber bullying and trolls are on the rise. It seems like every time there's a news story, it's about some poor kid who killed themselves because someone thought they could bash them on social media, treating them poorly, saying awful things etc.

We have all been distracted by social media at work. It is a time sucker, they say that office productivity drops 27% when Facebook is allowed to the entire office as oppose to the social media liaison.

Sleep disruption is rampant nowadays and social media plays a big part. People cannot put down the phone, insomnia is on the rise, and workplaces suffer from it.

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