It's the little things during covid that ya gotta cling to.


Darby Plourde was sitting with her mom sharing a bag of Ruffles when they came upon the rare find! A potato chip that looks like the great state of Maine!

Darby Plourde
Darby Plourde

They thought it was quite the find and immediately put it up on Ebay and Facebook Marketplace.

There is currently a bid for 1,000 dollars on Marketplace from someone in Massachusetts. Darby's mom thought she was insane when she yelled at her to NOT to eat it! Mom doesn't think Darby is so crazy anymore. I think we can all agree... the crazy is south of us currently!

Have you found food shaped so remarkably, that you saved it? I once found a Cheeto shaped like something that was less than family friendly. I have found a couple of potatoes that look like old men...but nothing that even a Massachusetts resident would bid on.



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