I posed a question on Facebook asking Mainer's what they really thought about the coveted Valentine's Day that comes every February 14th. I have no idea that it would lead me to uncovering the truth behind what happened to make Valentine's Day a holiday. It is shocking and beautiful all at the same time so pay attention.

My post reads,

 There were mixed reactions to my Facebook post with some disagreed with the holidays saying,
"I personally think it's just a hallmark holiday. If you need a certain day to treat your partner like the king/queen they should be treated like daily, then maybe things should be evaluated in your relationship. But again that's MY OPINION."

Shannan Roux

Others love the holiday saying,

"I absolutely LOVE it and one of my favorite days of the year. I spoil my hubby with all his favorite things and put together a Valentine’s Day basket for my toddler. When she’s older I’ll definitely do more. I make my colleagues little things. I just love showing the people around me how much I love and appreciate them."

Amber Beckwith

No matter what you think about Valentine's day, the United States is going to advertise the hell out of week. Commercials, greeting cards, contests and so much more.

There was one comment in particular that led me to finding the truth about this day and shocking the hell out of me. Not only did I want to share it, but dig in extra deep.

"I celebrate St. Valentine for his courage to continue to marry lovers even though it was banned."

Ann Mcnulty

This is super interesting. I decided to investigate to see if this, in fact happened.

According to The History Channel, under the rule of Claudius the Cruel, he believed that Roman men were unwilling to join his army because of their attachments to their wives. So to get rid of the problem, he banned marriages and engagements in Rome. Say What?! So St. Valentine, the lover he is, realized this was super unjust and defied Claudius. He continue to perform marriages for young lovers in secret.

Because of this, St. Valentines was beheaded on February 14th and that is why we celebrate love each year.

Yes, it may have turned into a hallmark holiday, however the true historic event behind the holiday just made me realize that I will be celebrating this with passion each year just like my commenter, Ann Mcnulty.

Thank you Ann for forcing us to see that Valentines Day is a holiday that should be respected for the freedom to love that the beloved Saint never stopped fighting for.

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