It seems hard to believe, but this weekend it will be one year since we first heard about Ayla Reynolds. 20 month old Ayla disappeared from her father's home in Waterville. Ayla's father reported her missing from his home in Waterville on December 17.

The last time anyone says they saw her was the night before. The dad, his sister and his girlfriend were there that night and police say the story the three have given does not pass the 'straight face test.' There have been many searches and the police have followed up on hundreds and hundreds pieces of information, and there have been no charges filed. The state police say the investigation is still active, and while there are no new developments, they do plan a news conference to update the public on Friday.

There will also be events happening to mark this sad anniversary and to remind people Ayla is still missing and no matter what, her family still wants her found.

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