According to News Center Maine, when our state parks open there will be some changes that we should prepare for.

Here is the All-Star line up of Maine beaches and parks opening on June 1st:

  • Crescent Beach State Park
  • Two Lights State Park
  • Ferry Beach State Park
  • Popham Beach State Park
  • Reid State Park
  • Fort Popham
  • Kettle Cove State Park
  • Mackworth Island
  • Fort Baldwin
  • Scarborough Beach State Park

With warmer temperatures, locals and even some folks from away, are itching to explore our gorgeous state parks. Those opening on June 1st are all on the coast and offer amazing views. Seeing a waterfall would do my heart some good right now and a hike in the great wide open would be a nice change of scenery.

Heads up to visitors about changes because of COVID-19  :

  • In an effort to reduce over crowding and to allow for social distancing, parking will be reduced.
  • Bring your own hand sanitizer. I always bring my own toilet paper too, just in case.
  • Arrive with an open mind and prepare to be flexible. If you arrive at a park and the lot is crowded, go to plan B and visit a different park.
  • When hiking take a different rout if the trail head is packed.
  • Bring a mask with you and be prepared to wear it while social distancing when you approach a group of people. It's just like going to the grocery store, keep on doing what you do.
  • Because a limited number of people will be allowed at a time, please limit your stay so that others can get a chance to enjoy the park as well.
  • The bathrooms will also keep social distancing, sanitation and hygiene in mind, don't wait till the last minute because there might be a wait.

News Center Maine also shared that the Maine Forest Service wants to remind all visitors to our parks, campgrounds and anywhere else a campfire might be lit, to not bring in any wood from out of state. We are battling the very nasty emerald ash borer, an invasive pest that is taking down ash trees. Always buy your campfire wood close to where you are camping.



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