Two important things you need to know about today.  1) IF you have not filed your taxes the deal line is really tomorrow.  2) Today is a holiday in Maine.  According to April 15 was a Saturday and Emancipation Day in Washington DC so tax day is bumped to Tuesday. File your taxes or your extension!

April 17 is Patriots' Day 2017.  The holiday honors the battles of Lexington and Concord in Massachusetts. This is a holiday in Massachusetts AND Maine. Maine was part of Massachusetts at the time so we honor the day.

Patriots' Day is always the third Monday in April and part of the modern day tradition is there is the Boston Marathon and a daytime Red Sox game. But since this is a state holiday it can be confusing on what is and is not closed today.

Just about ALL retail is open! beyond that is gets confusing. Federal offices are open and you will get mail today.  State offices are closed.  City and town halls are closed and so today is the first day of school vacation, so there is no school. Banks are open and credit unions may be closed.

Hey...just call first before you make a special trip and don't get to upset if something yo needed is closed.  On the 'what is open, what is closed' debate...this is a confusing holiday.

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