Andre the Giant Biopic in the Works
A biography told in graphic novel form is far from typical, but then again, so was Andre Roussimoff, the pro-wrestling legend better known to fans as Andre the Giant. The 2015 graphic novel Andre the Giant: Closer to Heaven will serve as the inspiration for the late wrestler’s big screen biop…
Wrestler Breaks Character To Comfort Crying Boy
The WWE is the leader in wrestling entertainment. It's been the top dog in the industry for years. The wrestlers are big, tough and have well-defined characters. The WWE was in Dallas, Texas, this past Monday for 'Monday Night Raw'.
10 Most Ridiculous Wrestling Theme Songs Ever
The wrestling entrance has come a long way. It went from the typical into an absolute spectacle complete with fireworks, Titantron montages and dazzling light shows. Wrestling entrances have become so popular that other sports, especially MMA, mimic their style.

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