When you walk into the Staples on Lisbon Street in Lewiston there are a couple donation boxes. One is for the Lewiston High School and Auburn School Department.


It is an idea to support the local school from that staff at that Staples location.

It is a great idea! Suizee at Staples in Lewiston said the boxes will head to the schools on Thursday (Aug 31) when some of Staples employees, who are also local high school students, head back to school.  Talk about commitment to the kids and future employees of the L/A area!

I also learned from Dylan Ruscansky, the Tech Sales Supervisor, told me that Staples can do on site screen repair events for business or at events!  YA…it takes only about 30 minutes.  So you are only without your device for about a half hour…not hours…not days…only minutes…you can do it!  Breath deep! So…get that screen fixed…they can also do screen armor so you might skip that broken screen experience all together.  Find our more from Dylan at Staples at 855 Lisbon Street in Lewiston.   The store number is 207-753-0779.

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