When Andy Samberg was a cast member on 'SNL,' he routinely set the internet on fire with his digital shorts, but none were as popular as his Lonely Island music videos, which saw him, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone performing hip-hop music that often sounded like the real thing. Well, at least it would sound like the real thing if the subject matter wasn't totally crazy. With Samberg performing hosting duties on the season finale, Lonely Island reunited for a new video (with a special appearance by Pharrell Williams), singing and rapping about what it's like to be hardcore huggers.

Like the best Lonely Island videos, the song treats something innocuous as something totally extreme. In this case, it's about hugs. You see, hugs aren't a sign of love or affection. They're not a sign that you're dating or even want to date. The men of Lonely Island hug all of the ladies and will hug all of their friends when they aren't looking. If you aren't careful, Pharrell will even hug your mom in the back of a hatchback while wearing your father's pajamas. These guys mean business.

Add in a truly bizarre cameo appearance from Maya Rudolph as a drug dealing Oprah and you've got a video that, while not earth-shattering, definitely feels in line with the Lonely Island output that helped define a generation of 'SNL.' This is good stuff.

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