Here's a terrifying idea: what if you thought that your apartment was haunted by various ghosts, only to learn that it was you specifically that was haunted by, well, just various ghosts. This is the apparent pickle that 'SNL' star Cecily Strong finds herself in, as a medium recently advised the comedienne that her "lack of boundaries" means that she's bringing home all kinds of weird spiritual stuff. O...kay.

On last night's 'Late Night,' Strong shared her spiritual troubles with host Seth Meyers, then instructing him on how exactly to get the ghosts to leave. It involves talking to them. Nope.

As a special 'SNL'-centric bonus, Strong also chatted about some of her best characters from the show. Finally, her and Vanessa Bayer's "girls who can't pronounce the names of expensive items" sketch will make sense! (Double bonus if you're into Nancy Reagan.)

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