This season of 'SNL' has been all about truly weird and experimental digital shorts, so it only makes sense that guest host Andy Samberg (who helped pioneer them in the first place) would help make one of the strangest. There's almost no dialogue in this sketch and the joke isn't immediately accessible, but it's the kind of specific and eclectic comedy that 'SNL' tends to excel at when it wants to.

The scene finds Samberg playing a electronic dance music DJ named Daavinci, who plays his generic tracks to a crowd who seems to literally worship him. Never mind that all he's doing is dancing behind a bank of computers, occasionally hinting that he'll eventually hit the "bass" button. Never mind that he's so not busy that he can prepare meals, draw self-portraits and play Jenga. You see, Daavinci is such an artist and so obviously good at his craft that he doesn't blink an eye when people show up with literal giant bags of money for him.

The initial satire of the sketch is aimed straight at EDM DJs who get paid way too much money to play crappy music in clubs, but it gets really crazy when Daavinci does drop the bass. With the help of Lil Jon (making a bizarre guest appearance), the bass causes the dance floor to literally become the final scene of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark,' complete with multiple exploding heads. In a weird way, this digital short really does sum up this season of 'SNL' in a nutshell. The show has never been less afraid to try things so bizarre.

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