According to the KJ, three people have been arrested on drug charges in Skowhegan.  In addition to the seizure of $12,000 in drugs, authorities confiscated a live alligator.

36 year old Jessica Hutchins was observed by members of the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office and an agent from the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency allegedly selling crack on Water Street in Skowhegan at around 12:20 on Monday afternoon.  She was allegedly selling the drugs to a man identified as Ray Willard, of Oakland.  Also in the vehicle was Fed Barlow, of Moscow.

Law enforcement, armed with a search warrant, impounded the black Chevrolet Cobalt and took it to the Sheriff’s Office in Madison.  Upon searching the vehicle, they found  heroin, crack cocaine, powdered cocaine and Fentanyl.  Additionally, they found an unspecified amount of cash and digital scales.

When they searched Hutchins' Water Street apartment, they found more drugs and a live alligator.

The two foot long alligator was being kept in a Rubbermaid tub.  The reptile is now in the possession of the Maine Warden Service.  It is illegal to keep an alligator in the State of Maine without the proper permits.

Hutchins, Barlow, and Willard were all arrested on various drug-related charges.  Participating in the bust were members of the Somerset County Sheriff's Department, the Skowhegan Police Department, and Maine Drug Enforcement Agency.

The three are scheduled to appear in Somerset County Unified Court Oct. 7

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