According to WDBO, more than fifty spiders, including tarantulas, were recently seized at a Maine motel.

Andrew Coombs, who operates the Inn Town Motel in Norway, said he found three tarantulas, along with dozens of other spiders, when he went to collect payment for the room.  The spiders were found in plastic cases arranged around the room.  Coombs suspects that Schoomaker snuck the spiders in overnight.

Sean Schoomaker, along with his girlfriend (identified only as Kyla) had rented the room ten days prior.  Schoomaker had, allegedly, given the motel management a fake address.

When the spiders were discovered, the Maine Warden Service was called.  Because they are illegal to possess in Maine, they cited Schoomaker for having the tarantulas.  Approximately fifty other arachnids were taken to an exotic animal facility for identification.

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