Despite the booming economy, well-paying jobs can sometimes be hard to find. That can leave families working multiple jobs to make ends meet, and even then it can still be quite a struggle. So when local businesses come up with a unique plan that can really help folks, it can have a very positive effect on a community.

Colburn Shoe Store in Belfast, Maine, is doing just that. Winter time is often the hardest for folks who are a bit strapped financially. Choices become tough when it's between new shoes or heating oil. So Colburn Shoe Store is offering a special rack of shoes that literally only cost what you can afford.

Facebook post earlier on Tuesday, said they were putting out a special rack of shoes with a box on it, where you just put in the amount you can afford. Leave zero dollars, leave $100. It doesn't matter. No questions asked. No judgements. They just ask that you let someone know you grabbed a pair.

It's amazing to see a local business not only step it up, but also recognize that folks right in their very own community need a little help. Sometimes people forget that charity can begin right at home. Sure, it's nice to help out large organizations that can do a lot of good for a lot of people. But helping your neighbor is just as important.

Perhaps this will inspire other businesses -- of all kinds around the country -- that could offer the same kind of help. Helping your neighbor always leads to better understanding about how they live. Or in this case, what it's like to walk in their shoes.

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