According to the Kennebec Journal, Buxton Police took 44 year old Andrew Forbis into custody after a standoff police that started after threatening his mother with multiple weapons.

Authorities say the altercation started after Forbis and his elderly mother got into an argument about a video game he had recently purchased. Initially the argument had started Friday but was rekindled Monday morning after Forbis had been drinking all weekend.

Forbis' mother called police to tell them her son had threatened her by waving a cane sword at her and then had a BB pistol and said he would shoot her in the eyes and that it would kill her.

Forbis' mother then left the Depot Street home and when police arrived an eight-hour standoff ensued. Maine State Police arrived shortly after it started to takeover negotiations. Forbis eventually came out of the house unarmed but was injured while resisting arrest.

Authorities noted that even though it was Monday morning, Forbis was 'extremely intoxicated' during the standoff.

He has been charged with 2 counts of criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon and creating a police standoff.

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