With the pandedmic showing signs of improving and the fact that everyone that I know is practically going stir crazy and can't wait to get outside and go...anywhere, I was told about this interesting, uniques, and compelling place 'up in the county". Yes, that would be Aroostook.

It's call the Maine Solar System Model, and is overseen by the Univeristy of Maine at Presque Isle. According to it's current outdated website, it is the largest complete 3-D scale model of the Solar System in the world. The scale is 1:93,000,000, which sounds impressive to me, and it is indeed, running 40 miles along route 1 from the University Maine Presque Isle campus to the Houlton Info Center.

This tourist attraction, and educational offering is comprised of 14 models of varing size, some as large as 5 feet across. It has models for the sun, as well as all nine planets, and moons for four of the planets which all run along the side of the road, a great way to keep the kids entertained by looking for the next planet on the way.

According to Mainebiz, the Univeristy of Maine at Presque Isle has just received a grant to help bring more attention to this unique attraction. The website for the Maine Solar System Model hasn't received a facelift since 2008, so some much needed love on this will be quite welcomed. The school also plans on using some of the funding to market the attraction on social media as well as create several promotional items including a video and printed materials that can be distributed across the state to attract more tourist to the region.

CLICK HERE to learn more about this road trip worthy resource.

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