According to a report from NewsCenter Maine, Robert Robinson, was arrested on Sept. 6, on charges connected to the possession sexually explicit materials of a minor under the age of 12.

The photos came to the public's attention in January when parents complained about the discovery of pictures allegedly posted by Robinson w on a public photo-sharing site. The photos showed younger girls in public places, such as the grocery store and other retail establishments. There was no nudity in the pictures available on the public site, but it appears that the photos were taken without the subject's knowledge.

While the posting of the pictures was not against the law at the time, but in April the state passed a law making the intentional photographing of a minor without consent of the minor's parent or guardian by a registered sex offender a crime, the NewsCenter story said.

According to the report, Augusta police said they had obtained a search warrant and the investigation involved going through all of the images on Robinson's social media accounts. Robinson is being held at the Kennebec County Jail on $15,000 cash bail, the story said.

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