Netflix has been in the news a lot over the last few weeks, so that got us thinking!

First, they announced that they would be running "ads" between episodes and movies while you're watching. They're not really "commercials," like we know them, but more like promos for some of the original content on Netflix. They're un-skippable!

It's also been floating around that all of the Disney-owned content will disappear soon... which isn't gonna be good. Remember, Disney owns like everything nowadays.

So... if Netflix made a new original show about Maine, who would be the stars? What would you want to see?

There have already been a bunch of shows and movies made here and set in Maine, so here are a few of our ideas:

  • A reality show about the lobstermen downeast and the trap wars between rival factions
  • A political drama set inside Gov. LePage's communications office
  • A show about the old lighthouse keepers who used to live on the islands and all the crazy stuff they witnessed
  • Real World: Old Port. Self explanatory. This happens anyway... we just have to film it.
  • Live, Freeze, then Die: A Journey to New Hampshire in January, a comedy special
  • Naked and Afraid: UMaine Rush Week, shot in the style of Cops
  • How It's Made: Salt Water Taffy, starring the people behind the glass in York
  • Woofpickers: A chronicle of the people who choose the puppies for the LL Bean magazine photoshoots

Who in Maine do you think deserves their own Netflix show? Comment and let us know!

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