The fundraiser, intended for 1,200 people was wiped clean of whoopie pies and other treats after a break-in.

Maine is known worldwide for whoopie pies. Tourists routinely stock up before leaving Vacationland, and some even have them shipped internationally. This past weekend, they were the centerpiece in a Lions Club fundraiser scheduled in Skowhegan, Maine.

According to NECN, culprits busted into a booth at the Skowhegan State Fair over the weekend and stole about 120 whoopie pies, and emptied a refrigerator full of cookies.

Oh, and instead of just taking a gallon of iced tea, someone drank half, and left it there.

John Youney, a director of the Lions Club told the Portland Press Herald “We’re a volunteer organization." “We raise money from the public and spend it back on the public. It’s just kind of frustrating to find out someone has just willy-nilly trashed your place.”

According to the Press Herald, Skowhegan police Officer Tim Williams said he could not comment on the investigation.






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