You know, sometimes I see these studies/news stories and I literally think to myself that this stuff can't be actually true. Even if it DOES come from 'German researchers'. I mean, why are we actually talking about this? Because, believe it or not, it's trending.

A study done by German researchers (apparently) found that women who are pregnant and use certain types of makeup containing butyl paraben are more likely to have kids who become overweight in their first eight years of life.

Another study on mice found those exposed to BuP while in the womb were driven to eat more, and got fatter than control mice. The chemical is used as a preservative, and has anti-bacterial and fungicidal properties-- it's found in most long-wear products.

Here's the thing though- I don't necessarily agree with this study. I mean, my mom didn't wear any makeup when she was pregnant and I got fat all on my own!


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