Often throughout the summertime we hear the pained refrain of "I'm soooo bored." or "There's nothing cool to do at all." I know. It's always so dramatic with the littles.

The summer of 2020 has of course been extra frustrating when it comes to coming up with a safe and fun activity. We have all had to adapt and find more ways to entertain our children.

What are we gonna do to keep 'em busy and off the smartphones?  Let's go bowling.  Even better. Maine kids can bowl free!

Everybody sing! "Bowl Free, as free as the wind blows..."  You can add an afternoon of bowling to the amusement calendar thanks to a great program called Kids Bowl Free.

Maine kids get to bowl 2 games everyday this at no charge.

There is a varying age requirement that generally goes from toddler to teens. The program run time varies from venue to venue as well, with all but the Augusta location participating through August.

The Augusta location will notify you by email when registration is open. It does however look like all the other locations are accepting registrations now.

Lets mask up and go bowling with the kids. Hope you get a 'Turkey'!

Here are the 8 premier locations that are participating this summer.

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