Biddeford police set up a sting to see how people really are about the hands free law.

The Portland Press Herald says that Biddeford police noticed that when Mainers saw the police, they followed the law very strictly. But what would happen if the police were watching and you didn't know it?

So the police set up a sting to see exactly how people are with their phones when they think no cops are around.

Police in unmarked cruisers would be near the Five Points intersection in Biddeford and when people were at the lights, according to the Press Herald, their hands were all over their phones and their thumbs were working overtime.


It was like fishing with a shotgun. That police officer in the unmarked cruiser would radio ahead to a cop in a marked cruiser and viola - you've got a ticket.

In about two weeks, officers wrote 83 tickets, but found twice as many people violating the new law... they just couldn't get to them all, the newspaper stated.

At this rate, police say that by the time the fiscal year ends in June, they will have written over half a million dollars worth of tickets, according to the Portland Press Herald.

If you don't want to contribute to the economy that way - don't touch your cell phone.

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