I thought 2017 was going to start off different. I thought we were smarter than we were in 2016, but here we are starring at this blurry picture of ham and wondering why the left side of my brain hurts when I try to figure out how this is possible. Why is just the ham blurry and everything else is in focus? Look at it. The ham is blurry while the container it's in, and the table are in focus. How is this possible? How does this happen? According to the Reddit user who posted it, there are no effects or photoshop on this. Scroll down to find out why this ham is blurry.


If you look closely at the bottom of the container, you'll notice that you're looking at SLICED ham. Not just one piece. And it's layered in a way to form an optical illusion and make the ham look blurry. Now, with all this talk about ham I'm going to go make a sandwich, you can watch this video explainng the blurry ham illusion.


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