Here's a way to work up an appetite.

A woman named Tisha Cherry who works as full-time occupational therapist has an interesting hobby: she makes amazing pieces of art out of Oreo cookies.

Cherry, whose name only lends credence to the idea she'd be interested in food, explained to Mashable how her culinary magic came to pass:

"Three years ago I twisted open an Oreo and thought the cream looked like a Nike Dunk. I immediately became obsessed with trying to see how many different things I could create out of them. Now I feel like I'm looking at the world through some sort of Oreo crème lens and it's become my favorite medium to express my creativity through."

Cherry also works with other foods, but, really can anything top Oreos? She's a regular Vincent Van G'Oreo, spending anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to sculpt her edible creations. We need more food art -- there must at least one Salvador Deli out there, right?

Take a look at some of Cherry's other scrumptious works and just remember how wrong your mom was for yelling at you to not play with your food when you mixed your peas and mashed potatoes.

Cherry is hardly the only person who's been inspired to turn an Oreo into a canvas, though. Plenty of other people have showed off their skills on Instagram, as well. The results are as extraordinary as they are appetizing.

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