With all the rain and the recently melted snow the Penobscot River is at it's peak for kayaking. Or so I'm told, I'm always afraif I'll flip mine over and just sit there, upside down, slowly drowning so I'll just watch from the safety of shore. Or on Youtube, thanks to Brent S.

In this video's description Brent writes;

"The West Branch of the Penobscot River in Maine is in flood stage right now. 15,000 CFS Coming from the Dam through the Dryway and the Station is flowing 2000 CFS So its 17,000CFs Until you get to Nesowadnehunk Stream, Katahdin Stream and Abol Stream Which have to be pumping out at least 3000 CFS right now so the Lower is somewhere around 20,000 CFS. Chris Howe and I ran Abol and Pockwockamus Rapids. Yesterday it was flowing 9600 CFS and I ran Big Amberjack. Get up the the Penobscot now, it is in rare form. Don't miss out. Abol/Poc Is truely an anamazing big water run at theese levels, with a very short shuttle."

I have no idea what most of that means, but the video sure looks fun!

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