Considering the massive amount of snow days we had last year, thanks to a very rough winter, it is not much of a surprise that a group of Maine school districts are trying to make snow days a thing of the past.

According to WGME, Knox County's  Five Town Community School District and School Administration District 28 are going to try out "remote school days" this winter.

When the weather would normally force a school cancellation, the students would be required to (partially) work from home.  Instead of building snowmen and playing video games, they'd do work online or work on long-term projects (term papers, etc).

The Maine Dept of Education has not approved the remote days as a replacement for make-up days, but they are looking into it.  While the concept is new for Maine, other states (including Illinois, Minnesota and Massachusetts) are already doing it.

Near the end of the school year, parents will be surveyed to get their thoughts on how well it went.

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