By now you've probably seen that Central Maine is is for some less-than-perfect weather on Wednesday morning. While it certainly won't produce the moderate snow totals that we saw Saturday night into Sunday of this past weekend, it looks like it will certainly impact travel conditions, at least to some degree.

According to WABI TV 5, a fairly sunny and breezy Tuesday will give way to a less-than-desirable mixed bag of precipitation during the overnight hours into Wednesday morning.

While northern and western portions of Maine can expect to pick up a couple inches of snow, the majority of us here in Central Maine will be getting sleet and freezing rain. So with road conditions likely being somewhat compromised, what are the chances that Central Maine schools will close tomorrow? Apparently, not very good.

According to our old friend, SnowDayPredictor.Com, when we punched in 04330 for Wednesday (Augusta), there was only a 5% chance that school would be closed. Man, if I were still a kid I would be ticked! 5%? Ugh!

However, it's not the website's decision to cancel school or not, so there's still a strong possibility that superintendents in the area will still choose to cancel school tomorrow. That would extend most kid's Christmas break by an extra day

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Tune in to us tomorrow morning and we'll give you the latest details with any and all school cancellations here in Central Maine, but just know, we're rooting for that snow day for ya! And not just for our student friends, but our teacher friends, too!

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