One of the good things to come from the last year as we navigated our way through this pandemic has been more and more American’s are volunteering in their communities.  A recent survey found just over half of the peopled asked were doing just that for the first time and most were doing it because in this time people are seeing and feeling the need with their family, friends, and neighbors.  I guess it just all felt more real and more necessary. I know because I was one of those people. I gave blood for the very first time and have been volunteering with Meals on Wheels.

Of those who wanted to give of their time safety concerns were a stumbling block. I feel that. The story I found at made the very common-sense suggestion that you can yourself can help overcome those issues by bringing your supplies like masks, sanitizer things like that, and being mindful of physical distancing.

While I will ALWAYS encourage you to give financially, that is so very, very important to how this all works, and honestly…money or the necessary goods money can buy are essential, but so is person-power and you know what?  It feels good too. The giving of your time, the connection to the mission feels good in the soul.

Seems like food was a big area where people were able to easily volunteer and make a difference; be it delivering food to essential workers or those who were unable to get out or volunteering at the food banks or food drives. 

Thank you to everyone who has has been so important in so many ways.

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