Because we live in Maine, the sight of wild animals is not all that strange.  Of course, we've all seen eagles soaring overhead and squirrels hopping from tree-to-tree (or telephone pole-to-telephone pole).  And, if you have spent any time in the woods, you've probably seen everything from deer to bear.

Still, it is strange to see these animals wandering through our towns and cities. Apparently, that's exactly what happened in Augusta early this morning (April 6th).

According to a message we received from a listener, a moose was spotted running around Augusta early this morning.

In the email, she explains that her and her boyfriend were on their way to work at about 2:30 this morning when they saw the moose in the Congress Street area (near the Maine State Police barracks on Hospital Street).

In her message, she explains:

It ran through my neighbors yard, once spotted, and down the road. We hopped in our Jeep to slowly follow as it trotted down the road, it was my first ever moose sighting. We lost track of it down second avenue as it ran into the woods behind the white apartment complex’s on eastern avenue. Just something unique and cool to share, the animals are out, it’s feeling like spring to me

Did anyone else spot the moose?  If you did, feel free to share your pictures and videos with us.  You can message us through our app or on Facebook.

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