This sounds like something straight out of a movie or a Netflix original limited series.  A couple from Newcastle, Maine have set up a real life treasure hunt.  The prize?  TWENTY GRAND!

According to the Lincoln County News, Kelly and Kurt Stokes created the game to celebrate the bicentennial of the State of Maine.  In order to play the game, players need to get out of their houses and visit different parts of the state.  In some cases, the game will take them to places they never would have visited otherwise.

On top of the pure enjoyment of traveling around Maine, players could also win $20,000.

There is a small cost (considering you could win $20K) for the game, but there is also a charitable aspect.  Money from the sale of each game will be donated to two Maine charities - the Maine Cancer Foundation and Maine Rivers.

Kelly and Kurt say that the response to the game, which was launched on December 1st, has been really positive.


How does the game work?

With the purchase of the game, you get a deck of fairly standard playing cards.  But, on the face of each card is a picture of one of Maine's "most beautiful places".  The first "level" of the game is to identify each location.  "Level 2" consists of traveling to each location to find a clue.  After that, you need to find the pairs and decifer a paragraph of text in order to 7 Dirigo Stones.  The message the stones reveals will lead you to the treasure.  You can get a much more in-depth explanation HERE.


Where can I get the game?

From their website


How much does it cost?

There are two versions of the game.  The basic version costs $19.99 and comes with a regular playing card sized deck.  The collectors version costs $39.99 and comes a flash card sized deck of cards.


Is the $20,000 treasure for real?

The stokes say it is definitely real.  In fact, it is obtainable right now.  You just have to know its location.  Apparently, the money came from the game's creators.


What do you think?  Ready to do some treasure hunting?

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