A few times a year the State of Maine offers a Free Fishing Weekend. It's really a great incentive for people who have never tried, this time of year, ice fishing. It may also inspire some who used to fish to rekindle their interest in the sport.

Free Fishing Weekend is February 19th & 20th. According to the Maine Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Department website, on these days, any person may fish without a license. All other laws and regulations apply on these days and it does not apply to those whose license has been suspended or revoked.

The MIFW website always has great tips, and is a wonderful resource for anyone who spends time outdoors. If you plan to get out and enjoy Maine's Free Fishing Weekend, February 19th & 20th, maybe get a group of people together that is interested in trying ice fishing this year.

Although I am more partial to landing those big cold water species, if you target Maine's warm water species such as perch, chain pickerel, and bass, you are much better set up to have an action filled day.

Unlike spring or summer fishing, if you are heading out on the ice, make sure to dress warm in layers. Cold hands or feet can be ruin a day on the ice fast. It's always better to have too many layers than not enough.

Oh, if you are wondering what people are landing on the lakes and ponds, make sure to check out the MIFW February Fishing Report, it's packed with first hand accounts of what you can expect and where.

Happy Fishing!

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