Yesterday, we told you that two Maine women would be competing on the game show Wheel of Fortune last night. Well in case you missed the episode, it turns out they they did very well for themselves!

Laura Oliver, of Nobleboro, and Beth Day, of Pittsfield, teamed up to play against two other pair of women. The show is pairing up ladies to compete on the show this week, as part of "Girlfriend Getaways Week."

After edging the other two teams by quite a bit of money, Laura and Beth advanced to the bonus round. There, they were presented with the puzzle, in the category "thing." After being given the letters R, S, T, L, N, and E, they chose G, C, F, and O. Which left them with the following:

_ R O _ N

F _ L C O N

Think you could get that one? Well the Maine ladies did, and they walked away with a total of $63,550 in cash and prizes!

You can watch the full episode below. Congratulations Laura and Beth!


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