According to News Center Maine, struggling tenants in Maine can breathe a little easier knowing there is rent relief on the way.  $200 million in relief from the federal Emergency Rental Relief Assistance program is now available for renters in Maine.

The money for this fund comes from the federal relief package that was approved in December of 2020. Renters can use it to pay up to three months of rent, going back as far as March of 2020.  It doesn't just stop at rent relief, though; renters can use the relief package can also be used to pay their utility bills.

This relief package is based on eligibility. To be eligible for relief, you have to have had a significant financial hardship due to the coronavirus pandemic. This can include reduced income and/or being forced on unemployment in the last year.

If you have fallen on hard times due to the pandemic and require help paying your rent, you can apply through the Maine State Housing Authority website.


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